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CRZRVAN Questions everything 

including what a caravan is... and should be


The CRZR Industries chassis platform brings a new level of

off road ability to the full height caravan sector. Featuring

CRZR Industries innovative solid axle suspension design,

the structure is supported on Firestone long-travel rolling

sleave air springs and boasts a whopping 12 inches of

articulation between the axles. CRZRVAN questions

everything, including what a caravan is and should be.

These vans tow with ease behind both full size 4WD’s as
well as newer dual cabs and need to be experienced first
hand to be appreciated. With a body width of only
1950mm and a wheel base of 2300mm, the P4 can
traverse further and deeper into more remote areas
than any other full height van on the market, all without
the need for towing mirrors. With camper trailer-like
agility and hotel luxury, your CRZRVAN is sure to tick boxes for the whole family. The CNC cut cabinetry with standard features such as soft-close doors and drawers, bolted hinges and built-in LED-dimmable strip lighting has been designed specifically for our platform to be lightweight, strong and provide more than enough storage for long trips away from civilisation.


The CRZR Industries chassis has under gone FEA testing to ensure it far exceeds both real world and legal standards. Over-engineering our chassis platform was a must, as we have seen cheap vans fall apart at the seams on remote tracks.Everything from the two 150x50 main chassis rails that stretch from the DO35 hitch right the way through to the bumper, the incorporated winch mount and recovery points and the 5 mm plates which are fully welded along each load bearing section of the chassis, have all been designed to provide optimal strength and longevity for many years of outback travel. When optioned with adjustable remote reservoir shock absorbers you can fine tune the compression of the suspension to suit the load and terrain you are traversing.

Solid axles give the ability to mount the water tanks directly over the axles, erasing their contribution to tow ball weight, either full or empty. 

Air bag pressure is controlled via the Intelliride interface,
which allows control over individual
adjustments to the system. 
Finally, both the chassis and cappings on every CRZRVAN are coated with Raptor Liner to provide protection against stone chips and maximise visual durability.


Don’t fall for inferior panels! We source all our panels personally from an Australian manufacturer and utilise a marine grade PVC perforated core. The outside surface of our skins are a marine grade gelcoat layer, underneath which is a layer of chopped strand mat (csm). These chopped strands of glass fibre are laid randomly in the form of a mat and a resin is injected to fill the CSM layer and bond the components together. This means every 20mm across the entire panel, the innovative grid-like network of PVC core holes allow the PVC resin to physically join the exterior skin to the interior skin and create phenomonal strength and durability.


We chose PVC Perforated Core over traditional adhesive based panels as they can withstand greater temperatures than a standard composite panel (up to 120Deg) and thus not delaminate when dark colours are applied and placed in the sun. This is why most composite panel vans will only be supplied white. Our Composite panels weigh in at just 7kgs per m2 and have a thermal rating of 0.028W/mK, are fire extinguishing and better yet, made right here in Australia!

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